There is nothing more precious than our emotional and physical health and that of those whom you love. Feeling whole, at peace with oneself and those around us comes through our connections with important others – ideals, people, values, nature, including the relationship you form in the room. When everything works well, we arrive in a different place, where we feel secure, whole, expanded, capable and deserving of joy. One can live brilliantly and peacefully.


•  I will work from your strengths.

•  I start from your perspective. Other perspectives will flow.

•  I focus on the unfolding process between us, and on the emotional, alive moments in your life and in the room.

•  I use my training in different therapeutic approaches and techniques to help you    achieve your goals.


When I am working with children,

•  I try to help them get back on their developmental track.

•  If there is disruption, I help the family re-find itself as a happy, well-functioning unit.